Everyone loves cute and fuzzy animals, but this list doesn’t contain any of those. What we are talking about here are killers. The 5 most dangerous animals in the world to be exact.

We didn’t include animals like the Lion, the Great White Shark or any of the several others you would expect. What we focused on were animals that you tend to not think are dangerous, either because of size or the type of animal they are. We also excluded disease carrying insects.

Check out the list and let us know what you think. Do you agree? Were you surprised at some of these animals? Make sure to sound off on social media or the comments section.

5. Golden Poison Dart Frog
Golden Poison Dart FrogNative to the tropical Central and South America, Dart Frog’s are not all dangerous but the few that are can be lethal. The most deadly is the Golden Poison Dart Frog. Typically less than an inch in size it packs quite a punch. It has enough poison to kill 20 adults or 10,000 mice. What makes them even deadlier is that the poison secretes through their skin meaning you literally can’t touch this frog. The fact that indigenous peoples of the Americas use their toxic secretion to poison the tip of their blow darts should tell you enough.

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