4. Box Jelly Fish
5 Most Dangerous AnimalsEveryone has heard that if you get stung by a Jelly Fish pee on the sting. Well that isn’t going to work with these Jelly Fish. The Box Jelly Fish has some really dangerous species in their family. The Chironex fleckeri, Chirodropida, Chironex yamaguchii are the three deadliest species. Being stung by them can cause hyperkalemia. This can lead to a cardiovascular collapse which can cause death in 2 to 5 minutes. What makes them even more dangerous is that you can’t detect a sting until the venom has been injected.

They are typically found in the Indo-Pacific region of the world’s ocean. This means that if you are anywhere in between East Africa and Australia you should probably be on the look out. Sharks aren’t the only thing you need to worry about anymore. There have been instances where Box Jelly Fish have been found int he Atlantic Ocean, so maybe it is just better to be vigilant before going swimming in any body of water.

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