4. The Usual Suspects
5 Movies That Need SequelsIn this star studded cast led by Kevin Spacey, criminal Keyser Söze (Spacey) spins together this elaborate tale about himself to the police. At the time they do not know that it is him and the complex and after the entertaining story Söze posts his bond and walks out presumably never to be seen again. Moments later the lead detective realizes that the man he was talking to the entire time was Söze. The best part of the movie is that fans don’t know that Kevin Spacey is Söze until the very end. If anyone out there says that they figured it out, they are lying and I recommend never trusting that person again. Spacey has everyone believing that he is Roger “Verbal” Kint, a con artist with cerebral palsy.

So why does this movie need a sequel? Because it would be great to see what other heists and wrong doings a criminal mastermind such as Keyser Söze has been up to. Not to mention a criminal that clever should be seen on screen again.

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