2. Leon: The Professional
Jean Reno plays Léon Montana, and Italian hitman who lives a life of solitude aside from his work. He calls himself a cleaner rather than a hitman. His world is flipped around when he opens the door to keep Mathilda (Natalie Portman) his 12 year old neighbor from getting murdered by corrupt cops looking to recover stolen drugs from her father. Mathilda’s family isn’t as lucky as everyone is killed including her four year old brother. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that Leon is a hitman and she asks him to teach her the trade so that she can avenge her brother’s death. Leon reluctantly accepts and the two end up becoming really good friends. In the end the corrupt cops all die, but unfortunately Leon is killed as well. Mathilda is left alone in the world and after being turned away by Leon’s former handler, despite her request to be given work as a cleaner she returns to the school for troubled girls she is supposed to be attending earlier in the movie.

It is very clear that Mathilda wants to be a hitwoman, and fans always hoped that Portman would reprise the role of Mathilda in a follow up movie but unfortunately it hasn’t happened and does not seem likely. Hopefully one day Natalie Portman decides it is time for the world to see what Mathilda has been up to.

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