1. Big Trouble in Little China
This movie is worthy of 10 sequels. Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) is a man’s man and should have easily become a franchise leading man. Burton along with sidekick Wang (Dennis Dun), save China Town from the evil sorcerer Lo Pan (James Hong). This movie is wild with all sorts of crazy fight scenes and characters. In the end Jack Burton drives away in his big rig when one of the remaining monsters from Lo Pan’s labyrinth hitches a ride on the back of his truck.

That ending alone means that another movie should be made, and after that one is done then Jack Burton can go take on sorcerers in Little Italy, and any other ethnic neighborhood that needs his help. This movie is one of John Carpenter’s best pieces of work and Jack Burton was a likable hero that could have easily been made into several other movies. The fight scenes were great and it had just the right amount of comedy mixed in with the action that made it great for everyone. I mean it was the 80’s and Stallone and Schwarzenegger were making action movies left and right. Why couldn’t Kurt Russell do the same with the Jack Burton? As good ol’ Jack Burton always says, “What the hell.”

If you are in desperate need of a fix for some more Big Trouble in Little China action make sure to check out the comic books by Boom! Studios.

There you have it, five movies that need sequels. Agree with the list? Disagree? Either way let us know in the comments section if we nailed it or what movies you would like to see receive sequels.

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