Former IBFF junior world champion Sifiso Lungelo Thabete tragically passed away after a botched celebration.

The bodybuilder with a promising career had his life cut short when he attempted a back flip during warm-ups in front of the crowd.

The competition he was at took place in South Africa. Thabete had a signature back flip he liked to perform and it seemed like this was going to be the normal routine, but he was not able to gain enough momentum and landed on his neck. He lay motionless for a few seconds before someone approached him to check on him.

Unfortunately he died on arrival at the hospital, he was only 23 years of age and was considered a top bodybuilding prospect. Some speculation as to the reason the flip failed was because he was wearing socks, which didn’t allow him to gain traction when attempting the flip.

You can watch the shocking footage below, but keep in mind it is disturbing to watch.

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