When it comes to listing dangerous jobs, snake catcher has to be somewhere near the top.

It takes a special type of person, one like Cor Viljoen to decide and go wrangle snakes such as Python’s for a living. He was called to remove a 9 foot Python from a property in South Africa. You read that right, 9 foot Python. While most people would say no, this is what his man gets paid to do.

As he was walking back with the snake it began to wrap itself around Cor’s legs. It became evident that it had a vice like hold on Cor, but he didn’t panic. He kept trying to control the snake by its head and undo the snake’s grip. Eventually another worker comes to help him and they unwrap the snake from around his legs. Talk about remaining calm under pressure.

Cor told Unilad, “I could’ve taken her off myself by sitting down but I like the workers to interact with the snakes I catch to educate them a bit. So I wasn’t in any danger at all.”

It looks like he could have been in some real trouble, but he is the expert so we will take his word on this.

Check out the close call below.

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