Creepy Clown Sightings

Ideally, clowns are supposed to be happy characters that make you laugh and smile while enjoying their hilarious antics. This was not the case of the clown appearance that started taking place on October of 2016.

Coulrophobia is the given term to identify an erratic fear of clown and mimes.

And it is because of this phobia, that pranksters started disguising themselves as clowns and appearing in places such as schools, parks, graveyards, roads, forests and transit stations to scare ongoers.

This social phenomenon started in the US but quickly spread out through Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Although reportedly no one was actually hurt (other than a handful of these pranksters that got a beating for what was coming to them), and only a few arrests were made for disturbing the peace, one question remains. Will this happen all over again this year?

With the unprecedented success gained from the remake of the Movie adaptation made of Stephen King’s novel “IT”, is would seem that these creepy clown sightings might be back.

As harmless at the end as they might be, it would be best to stay away if you encounter one of these creepy pranksters. I know I would…

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