Eating on the toilet


We have all heard the saying, don’t crap where you eat. Well apparently the owner of restaurant chain Modern Toilet doesn’t agree.

Modern Toilet if you haven’t gathered already is a bathroom themed restaurant, yes you read that right, bathroom themed restaurant.

The first restaurant was opened in 2004 in Tapaei, Taiwan by Wang Tzi-Wei. Customers sit on non functioning real toilets, tables are glass over sinks, their food is brought to them in miniature toilets, their drinks are served in miniature urinals and dessert is served in a traditional miniature squatting toilet. Tzi-Wei owned an ice cream shop that served swirled ice cream in a miniature toilet bowl, after seeing how popular it was he decided to open Modern Toilet.

You are probably thinking this restaurant has to be one of a kind, well it was until they decided to expand. The first one was so successful that they now have 12 locations in Taiwan and China. Several other locations are expected to open in the near future.

So what about the food? Well reviews for the restaurant are not bad, but the consensus seems to be that you come here for the environment more than the food. Most say it is good but nothing to rave about, although dessert seemed to be the best thing on the menu according to many of its patrons. There is a minimum of 80 New Taiwan Dollars per person, which is roughly $2.50 in American dollars. One thing to note is that if you want your drink in a urinal, it is an additional 40 New Taiwan Dollars and you get to keep the urinal cup as a souvenir.

If you really want to try eating on a toilet aside from doing it at your home you will need to make your way to one of their locations in Asia. It doesn’t seem to be something that will catch on in the United States or places like Europe, at least not anytime soon. In mid 2013 a restaurant with the same theme named Magic Restroom Café opened up in Los Angeles and lasted only eight months before having to close their doors. Although it seems that the reason for its failure was due to their food. I am willing to bet that ordering a dish called “smells like poop” or “bloody number two” really didn’t seem appealing to many.

It is fitting that this restaurant originated in Taiwan. They are known for some strange restaurant themes out there. Other unique themes include a restaurant where everything is made out of cardboard, jail themed, and hospital themed. There is even a Hello Kitty restaurant, although that might not be as bad as it sounds.

So what do you think about eating on the toilet? Let us know if you would give it a try or if the concept is just too strange for you to try.

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