McDonald's cocaine

Drug dealers need to be creative to make sure they don’t get caught. This is especially true when they have decided to deal cocaine out of the world’s most popular hamburger franchise.

Frank Guerrero, a McDonald’s manager in the Bronx, New York has been accused of selling cocaine and crack along with Big Mac’s and fries. The 26 year old was arrested by the NYPD and ICE Homeland Security after allegedly selling drugs to an undercover officer.

The drugs were stashed in a soap dispenser in the restaurant’s bathroom. Guerrero would meet up with the buyer in the bathroom to make the deal, then the buyer would sit down and when their food order delivered, it would have the cocaine or crack they had bought.

He definitely wasn’t referring to soda when he would ask patrons if they wanted coke with their order.

Guerrero sold drugs to the undercover officer on two occasions. The drugs would be inĀ  a small cookie bag in between the rest of the order. He sold the undercover office over $10,000 worth of drugs.

The raid of his home resulted in the police finding 200 grams of cocaine and $5,300 in cash. Guerrero had worked at that McDonald’s for eight years.

As creative as it may have been to peddled cocaine and crack with burgers, it was definitely high risk. Especially when working at McDonald’s.

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