Muay Thai vs. Win Chun

There are so many Martial Arts in the world that it is difficult to pin point which is the best.

MMA started with the simple concept of figuring out which fighting style is the best. In the early days of the UFC you could clearly tell what a fighter’s expertise was. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Royce Gracie fought with a Gi, while Boxer Art Jimmerson fought with one Boxing glove on. It quickly became evident that a fighter needed to be proficient in several Martial Arts, and that helped the evolution of modern day MMA.

The MMA we see today is full of well rounded athletes that are versed in several Martial Arts from Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai. For anyone to have a successful MMA career it is a must that they are well trained in several Martial Arts. The days of being a one trick pony are long gone. This doesn’t mean Martial Arts fans and enthusiasts don’t like to debate which Martial Art is better. There have been shows on television where the hosts go to different countries to test out different Martial Arts. Human Weapon on The History Channel was one of them.

With so many Marital Arts in existence the outcomes and possibilities of match-ups are endless. There is also the question of the quality of the Martial Artist. If you take a novice Boxer and put him in a fight with an expert Aikido practitioner, how much does the experience in the said Marital Art affect the outcome. With variables like this in place it is difficult to find clashes between different styles, not to mention that many people wouldn’t want to risk losing to a different style and risk having their Martial Art called inferior.

There are still plenty of great videos of Martial Artist’s with different styles going up against each other. In this instance we will look at a video between a Muay Thai practitioner and a Win Chun practitioner, Muay Thai vs. Win Chun. This clearly is not a fight between a top level Muay Thai fighter, although the Win Chun practitioner looks pretty sharp. Regardless, of the expertise level the fight is pretty entertaining and it gets very wild at the end.

(Click to the next page below to watch the Muay Thai vs. Win Chun video below and let us know what Marital Art you think is the best)

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