People with Super Powers Caught on Tape

Hollywood’s amazing cinematic productions offer us the sensation of living in a World where everyday people can all of a sudden unlock or discover superhuman abilities.

Characters like “Superman” or “The Avengers” and protect the world from evil or harm.

But what if individuals such as these walked the earth unbeknownst to the public to keep their identities safe? (just like in the movies!)

It would seem that they would only make use of these unbelievable abilities when they or someone else was in dire need of them.

Stories of these events have been told since the dawn of mankind and been passed on through the generations. It is only until very recently that these occurrences have been recorded on video.

The capability to take photographs or videos as easily as taking out one’s cellphone out their pocket has allowed for evidence of these unsung heroes to arise to the public.

Fact or fiction, friends or foes, I’d like to believe that these unique individuals do live amongst us and protect us on a daily basis.

Watch the video underneath that shows evidence of these amazing events and decide for yourself.

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