Soccer Player Loses Testicle

Soccer isn’t supposed to be a dangerous sport, if anything players are often criticized for over acting when it seems they are hurt.

This time around things turned out to be very serious for 22 year old Marin Galic during a game in Bosnia. The FC Zrinjski Mostar player was running down the field with the ball when a defender slid to try and take the ball away. Galic tried to avoid the slide and the other lifted his foot and connected with Galic’s groin. It didn’t look too serious at first, but it was obvious that Galic was in pain when he went down.

According to local media in Bosnia, Galic had to have a testicle removed. It is pretty scary to think that what looked to be an normal play led to him losing his testicle. People get hit in the groin all the time, and many in more brutal fashion and end up being okay. Unfortunately for Galic he drew the short stick on this groin kick and it cost him, literally. It is not known if Galic was wearing a protective cup.

You can see the video of the play that caused Galic to lose his testicle. It looks innocent enough, clearly that little kick led to the unimaginable happening. The last thing Galic or any other player would be worried about when entering a soccer match is that they might lose a testicle.

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