Soccer Player Viciously Kicks Girl in Neck for Showing Off

Soccer is a very competitive sport, especially in the country of Brazil.

When emotions are running high in a game anything can happening, including some rough play. In this indoor soccer game one player took it too far.

The player in the orange uniform clearly has some excellent skills and she is putting them to good use. The other team is probably a little embarrassed as she seems to be making them look like amateurs with her ball handling. When an opposing player tries to take the ball from her she falls to the ground and is still able to catch the ball between her legs. She lays on the floor smiles and seems to be posing.

If that was a taunt or not is up to debate, but what happened next is not. The player that tried to take the ball from her get angry and kicks the defenseless player in the face. The team mates of the player that was attacked waste no time stepping in to defend their team mate.

What do you think about this cheap shot? Watch the video below and let us know. Make sure to share with your friends.

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