Zoo goes wrong

Who doesn’t like the Zoo? It’s fun and an academically rich place to visit.

Not to mention the fact that it’s an environment where you can connect with nature. Not only because of the animals, but also because of the trees and plants that are used to create their habitats.

But what happens when people don’t respect these habitats and the rules that protect them and in turn, us from them as well?

Things can go south really quick and imprudent visitors could get seriously hurt or even loose their lives. All for failing to follow the rules and stay behind a rail.

We must never forget that all the animals at the Zoo, as regal and beautiful as they might be, are still wild creatures. One must make sure to respect them and treat them as such. You wouldn’t want a Sunday Family trip to end up in tragedy all because you decided to get too close for comfort.

This video shows you what can go wrong when you get to lax and don’t respect the rules of the zoo. Check out the top five visits to the zoo that went wrong.

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