MMA Fighter Kills Powerlifter

Fighting in the streets is never a good idea, the potential for a fight to turn fatal is high.

Tragedy struck in a street fight between MMA fighter Anar Ziranov and powerlifter Andrey Drachev. The fight took place outside a cafe in Khabarovsk, Russia at 7 AM.

The pair stepped outside to apparently settle a dispute as to what was better MMA or weight lifting.

Despite the noticeable size difference, it is immediately evident that Ziranov has some decent skill. He lands a spinning heel kick that knocks his opponent down. Drachev gets to his feet only to be immediately knocked down by another kick. The fight is clearly over, but Ziranov continues to punch Drachev while he lay on the ground unconscious.

Police have since arrested Ziranov for the murder of Drachev. You can see the video below of the street fight. This should definitely make everyone think twice when deciding to take a dispute to the street. You never know what could happen, and unfortunate endings like this one are a high possibility.

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