MMA with Medieval Weapons

Combat sports are popular all over the world, and the most popular form is MMA.

In recent years some crazy forms of MMA competition have popped up, including Hooligan MMA. This type of MMA features teams of 5 vs. 5 in an all out brawl. You win by knocking out or submitting all of the players on the opposing team. This concept originated in Russia, and now we have another crazy for MMA from Mother Russia. We’re talking about Medieval MMA.

What exactly is Medieval MMA? Well, simply put it is MMA with Medieval Weapons and full Medieval Knight attire. That’s pretty hardcore.

The fights take place in a hexagon shaped ring and the fighters start standing with a shield and a sword. The fights are allowed to go to the ground. When on the ground the fighters primarily used their hand that is holding the shield to attack their opponent. One would have to assume that wearing all that armor might protect you from any serious damage given this isn’t a fight to the death, but it has to be tiring wearing the armor and having to move around.

I doubt this will catch on any time soon, but it is interesting to watch. Now I am really curious as to what will be the next form of MMA or combat sports to emerge from Russia.

You can see footage of Medieval MMA in the video below. The bout is from M-1 Challenge 73 and features Alexander Andreev vs. Rustam Kukurkhoev.

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